Argentina vs Paraguay Head to Head, H2H Stats, Previous Performance

Argentina and Paraguay both team Meet in the International Football Matches and tournament Since 1919. If we look at the Argentina vs Paraguay football rivalry then both side meet 107 occasions to each other. Argentina side are succeed to beat the Paraguay 58 occasion while Paraguay won 16 occasions and remaining 33 matches ended a draw.

Head to Head

Argentina 58:16 Paraguay [33 Draws]

First Time Meeting

Both Teams Argentina and Paraguay Meet the First time on 11th May 1919 in the International Friendly Encounter which was Argentina Won by 5-1 Score.

Last Meeting

Both Teams Argentina and Paraguay meet in Copa America on 19th June 2019 which was Draw by 1-1 score.

Next Match

Argentina to face Paraguay on 12 November in the South American World Cup  Qualifier Fixtures 2020 Game.

Argentina vs Paraguay Head to head Stats –Previous Meetings in History

11 May 1919Paraguay v ArgentinaW1-5International Friendly
15 May 1919Paraguay v ArgentinaW0-3International Friendly
18 May 1919Paraguay v ArgentinaW1-2International Friendly
21 May 1919Paraguay v ArgentinaW1-2International Friendly
24 May 1919Paraguay v ArgentinaW1-2International Friendly
07 Apr 1921Paraguay v ArgentinaL3-1International Friendly
14 Apr 1921Paraguay v ArgentinaD2-2International Friendly
16 Oct 1921Argentina v ParaguayW3-0Copa America
18 Oct 1922Argentina v ParaguayW2-0Copa America
20 May 1923Argentina v ParaguayL1-2Copa Chevallier Boutell
25 May 1923Argentina v ParaguayW1-0Copa Rosa Cheva
29 Oct 1923Argentina v ParaguayW4-3Copa America
15 May 1924Paraguay v ArgentinaW1-3Copa Chevallier Boutell
18 May 1924Paraguay v ArgentinaL2-1Copa Chevallier Boutell
12 Oct 1924Paraguay v ArgentinaD0-0Copa America
09 Jul 1925Argentina v ParaguayD1-1Copa Chevallier Boutell
12 Jul 1925Argentina v ParaguayD1-1Copa Chevallier Boutell
29 Nov 1925Argentina v ParaguayW2-0Copa America
20 Dec 1925Argentina v ParaguayW3-1Copa America
29 May 1926Argentina v ParaguayW2-1Copa Chevallier Boutell
03 Jun 1926Argentina v ParaguayW2-1Copa Chevallier Boutell
20 Oct 1926Argentina v ParaguayW8-0Copa America
10 Nov 1929Argentina v ParaguayW4-1Copa America
19 Apr 1931Paraguay v ArgentinaD1-1International Friendly
04 Jul 1931Argentina v ParaguayD1-1Copa Rosa Cheva
09 Jul 1931Argentina v ParaguayW3-1Copa Rosa Cheva
18 Sep 1931Paraguay v ArgentinaW0-1International Friendly
22 Sep 1931Paraguay v ArgentinaW1-5International Friendly
25 Sep 1931Paraguay v ArgentinaD1-1International Friendly
09 Jan 1937Argentina v ParaguayW6-1Copa America
13 Aug 1939Paraguay v ArgentinaW0-1Copa Rosa Cheva
15 Aug 1939Paraguay v ArgentinaD2-2Copa Rosa Cheva
18 Feb 1940Argentina v ParaguayW3-1Copa Rosa Cheva
25 Feb 1940Paraguay v ArgentinaW0-4Copa Rosa Cheva
11 Jan 1942Argentina v ParaguayW4-3Copa America
10 Jul 1943Paraguay v ArgentinaW2-5Copa Rosa Cheva
11 Jul 1943Paraguay v ArgentinaL2-1Copa Chevallier Boutell
06 Jan 1945Argentina v ParaguayW5-2Copa Chevallier Boutell
09 Jan 1945Argentina v ParaguayW5-3Copa Rosa Cheva
07 Jul 1945Paraguay v ArgentinaL5-1Copa Rosa Cheva
09 Jul 1945Paraguay v ArgentinaW1-3Copa Rosa Cheva
12 Jan 1946Argentina v ParaguayW2-0Copa America
02 Dec 1947Argentina v ParaguayW6-0Copa America
25 Mar 1950Argentina v ParaguayD2-2Copa Rosa Cheva
29 Mar 1950Argentina v ParaguayW4-0Copa Rosa Cheva
03 Mar 1955Argentina v ParaguayW5-3Copa America
01 Feb 1956Paraguay v ArgentinaW0-1Copa America
15 Aug 1956Paraguay v ArgentinaW0-1Rosa Chevallier
20 Apr 1958Paraguay v ArgentinaL1-0International Friendly
26 Apr 1958Argentina v ParaguayW2-0International Friendly
22 Mar 1959Argentina v ParaguayW3-1Copa America
09 Dec 1959Argentina v ParaguayW4-2Copa America
09 Jul 1960Argentina v ParaguayW1-0Copa del Atlantico
17 May 1961Paraguay v ArgentinaD0-0International Friendly
12 Oct 1961Argentina v ParaguayW5-1International Friendly
31 Mar 1963Argentina v ParaguayD1-1Copa America
15 Oct 1963Paraguay v ArgentinaW0-4Rosa Chevallier
29 Oct 1963Argentina v ParaguayL2-3Rosa Chevallier
25 Nov 1964Paraguay v ArgentinaL3-0Rosa Chevallier
08 Dec 1964Argentina v ParaguayW8-1Rosa Chevallier
01 Aug 1965Argentina v ParaguayW3-0FIFA World Cup
08 Aug 1965Paraguay v ArgentinaD0-0FIFA World Cup
18 Jan 1967Argentina v ParaguayW4-1Copa America
13 Oct 1967Paraguay v ArgentinaD1-1International Friendly
15 May 1968Paraguay v ArgentinaL2-0Copa Rosa Cheva
06 Jun 1968Argentina v ParaguayW2-0International Friendly
19 Mar 1969Argentina v ParaguayD1-1International Friendly
04 Apr 1969Paraguay v ArgentinaD0-0International Friendly
22 Oct 1970Paraguay v ArgentinaD1-1Homage to Arsenio
04 Jul 1971Paraguay v ArgentinaD1-1Copa Rosa Cheva
09 Jul 1971Argentina v ParaguayW1-0International Friendly
11 Jul 1971Argentina v ParaguayW1-0Copa Rosa Cheva
25 May 1972Paraguay v ArgentinaD0-0International Friendly
16 Sep 1973Paraguay v ArgentinaD1-1FIFA World Cup
07 Oct 1973Argentina v ParaguayW3-1FIFA World Cup
26 Feb 1976Paraguay v ArgentinaW2-3Copa del Atlantico
28 Apr 1976Argentina v ParaguayD2-2Copa del Atlantico
24 Aug 1977Argentina v ParaguayW2-1Jose Felix Bogado
31 Aug 1977Paraguay v ArgentinaL2-0Jose Felix Bogado
15 Jul 1983Paraguay v ArgentinaL1-0Rosa Chevallier
21 Jul 1983Argentina v ParaguayD0-0Rosa Chevallier
28 Apr 1985Paraguay v ArgentinaL1-0Rosa Chevallier
09 May 1985Argentina v ParaguayD1-1Rosa Chevallier
20 Jun 1987Argentina v ParaguayL0-1International Friendly
16 Jul 1989Argentina v ParaguayD0-0Copa America
12 Jul 1991Argentina v ParaguayW4-1Copa America
08 Aug 1993Paraguay v ArgentinaW1-3FIFA World Cup
29 Aug 1993Argentina v ParaguayD0-0FIFA World Cup
14 Jun 1995Argentina v ParaguayW2-1International Friendly
01 Sep 1996Argentina v ParaguayD1-1FIFA World Cup
17 Jun 1997Argentina v ParaguayD1-1Copa America
06 Jul 1997Paraguay v ArgentinaW1-2FIFA World Cup
16 Aug 2000Argentina v ParaguayD1-1FIFA World Cup
06 Oct 2001Paraguay v ArgentinaD2-2FIFA World Cup
06 Jun 2004Argentina v ParaguayD0-0FIFA World Cup
03 Sep 2005Paraguay v ArgentinaL1-0FIFA World Cup
05 Jul 2007Argentina v ParaguayW1-0Copa America
06 Sep 2008Argentina v ParaguayD1-1FIFA World Cup
09 Sep 2009Paraguay v ArgentinaL1-0FIFA World Cup
25 May 2011Argentina v ParaguayW4-2International Friendly
07 Sep 2012Argentina v ParaguayW3-1FIFA World Cup
10 Sep 2013Paraguay v ArgentinaW2-5FIFA World Cup
13 Jun 2015Argentina v ParaguayD2-2Copa America
30 Jun 2015Argentina v ParaguayW6-1Copa America
13 Oct 2015Paraguay v ArgentinaD0-0FIFA World Cup
11 Oct 2016Argentina v ParaguayL0-1FIFA World Cup
19 Jun 2019Argentina v ParaguayD1-1Copa America

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