Can Lionel Messi play in Copa America 2019 ? What’s your thought

Lots of soccer fans are talking and searching like Weather the Argentina’s football legend Lionel Messi will be participate for the 46th Edition of Copa America 2019 Brazil or not. Earlier we see that Messi who announced that he would be not playing from their national teams until he comes out from the disappointing 2018 Russia world cup performance and team’s failure.

Argentina who suffered a lot in the Fifa world cup 2018 as team even not qualify for the quarter finals. Argentina who has two time champions so fans and their side have lots of expectation for this type of big tournament. Since then Messi will be not in the national teams but still Argentina defeated Guatemala, Iraq and Mexico in the international friendly game. That means argentina will be playing without messi and also win the game.

So this question surely piping on every football fans like Jersey No. 10 of Argentina’s Lionel Messi will be appearing in the American Gala Events of Copa America 2019 or not ?

Lionel Messi Argentina football star
Lionel Messi Argentina football star

The answer of this question are only depend on Messi weather he play or not. recently in 2015 and 2016 Copa America Finals Argentina lost the game where Messi will be leading the argentina side.

Currently Messi is busy with Barcelona club of spanish side and perform well so more chances for him to took part in Brazil copa america competition.

“There’s a lot of harmony. [Argentina] are building a good group. With Lionel [Scaloni], the most likely outcome is that Messi returns for the Copa America,” said source.

What do you think about Messi’s chances for participate  to Argentina team in Copa America 2019? Share your views and thoughts.

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