Group B Teams Who Qualify for Quarter Final of Copa america 2019 All teams preview

Copa America is the most watch football events of the south america country as its south american based football tournament. In 2019 Copa America to be hosted by the Brazil. We seen that Brazil is land of football as so many legend footballers were born in brazil so this surely to be most entertainment football events of this year.

In 2019 Copa America total 12 teams are participated and from them 10 teams from the south america and 2 of Asia. We seen the copa america who invite many teams from the outside of south america and this time its japan and qatar. All the 12 teams are divided in to three groups. Here we discuss about the Group B teams and who will qualify for the next round of Copa America 2019 in Quarter Final stage.

Four Teams of the Copa America 2019 Group B is Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay and Qatar. So that means in this group three south american and one asian teams will be compete to each other.Two powerful teams of the Group B are Argentina and Colombia. Paraguay who is not strong team but qatar as Asian team and not so strong from the other.

Argentina who played last world cup and they played in the Quarter Final Match. Team who have many star players. Lionel Messi who are legend football stars of the Argentina team. Apart of them Team have a Sergio Aguero, Paulo Dybala, Gonzalo Higuain who all are in great form. So from the Group B this is one of the best chances to go through to next round and played in the Quarter Final this time too. Argentina is one of the stronge contenders to win the tournament too.

Another Favorites team who are strong enough to reach in the next round from the Group B are Colombia who have also many famous and star players. Many players who plays from the different famous club. James Rodriguez, Radamel Falcao is key players of the colombia and this team surely qualify for the Quarter Final round in Copa America 2019.

Other tho teams of the this group are paraguay and Qatar. they have a less chances to moves to next rounds in comparison to Argentina and Colombia. If they have to qualify have to done upset.

Group B Schedule 

Team : Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, Qatar

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