Name of Referees and Assistant Referees for Copa America 2019

One of the Oldest Football Tournament of South American Region of Copa America 2019 is schedule to starts from the 14th June. In football game Referees are always provide a important role. For the CA2019 Organizers are announced the Referees and Assistant Referees list.

For the total of 26 Matches of Copa America total of 23 Match Referees and 23 Assistant Match Referees for the 46th Edition are decalred.

Check out below the list Match Match referees and assistant referees of Copa america.

Match referees announced for copa america
Match referees announced for copa america

Copa America 2019 Brasil Official Referees And Assistant Referees list


Referees : Nestor Pitana, Fernando Rapallini, Patricio Loustau

Assistant Referees : Hernan Maidana, Juan Pablo Belatti, Ezequiel Brailovsky


Referees : Gery Vargas

Assistant Referees : Jose Antelo, Edwar Saavedra


Referees : Wilton Sampaio , Raphael Claus , Anderson Daronco

Assistant Referees : Rodrigo Correa, Marcelo Van Gasse, Kleber Gil


Referees : Roberto Tobar, Julio Bascunan, Piero Maza

Assistant Referees : Christian Schiemann, Claudio Rios


Referees : Wilmar Roldan , Andres Rojas , Nicolas Gallo

Assistant Referees : Alexander Guzman, Wilmar Navarro, John Alexander Leon


Referees : Roddy Zambrano , Carlos Orbe

Assistant Referees : Christian Lescano, Byron Romero


Referees : Mario Deaz de Vivar, Arnaldo Samaniego

Assistant Referees : Eduardo Cardozo, Dario Gaona


Referees : Diego Haro, Victor Carrillo

Assistant Referees : Johnny Bossio , Victor Raez


Referees : Esteban Ostojich, Leodan , Gonzalez

Assistant Referees : Nicolas Taran, Richard Trinidad


Referees : Alexis Herrera, Jesus Valenzuela

Assistant Referees : Carlos Lopez, Luis Murillo

VARs & Support Referees :

1 Patricio Loustau [ Argentina]

2 Fernando Rapallini [ Argentina]

3 Raphael Claus [ Brazil]

4 Anderson Daronco [ Brazil]

5 Julio Bascunan [ Chile]

6 Piero Maza [ Chile]

7 Nicolas Gallo [ Colombia]

8 Andres Rojas [ Colombia]

9 Carlos Orbe [ Ecuador]

10 Arnaldo Samaniego [ Paraguay]

11 Victor Carrillo

12 Leodan Gonzalez [ Uruguay]

13 Jesus Valenzuela [ Venezuela]

AVARs & Reserve ARs

1 Ezequiel Brailovsky [ Argentina]

2 Kleber Gil [ Brazil]

3 Alexander Leon [ Colombia]

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