Look at How Venezuela Perform in the Copa America

Since the Debut in the Copa America first time in 1967 Venezuela team perform not so good in the tournament in 17 Times. So 2019 Copa America will be 18th appearance in Copa Tournament.

The Venezuela national football team represents the Venezuela in Men’s international football and its controlled by Venezuelan football federations. Team nickname is La Vinotinto and Fifa code is VEN.

If we look at the Performance of Venezuela in the Copa America tournament then They reach two occasion in Quarter Finals in 2007 and 2016 while in 2011 they reach fourth place.

In the Most recent Copa Competition team reach 6th position till the quarter finals so they needed better performance in the Brazil copa America 2019.

Venezuela football players in copa america
Venezuela football players in copa america

Year by Year Performance of Venezuela in Copa Tournament

1967 – Final Round
1975 – Group Stage
1979 – Group Stage
1983 – Group Stage
1987 – Group Stage
1989 – Group Stage
1991 – Group Stage
1993 – Group Stage
1995 – Group Stage
1997 – Group Stage
1999 – Group Stage
2001 – Group Stage
2004 – Group Stage
2007 – Quarter Finals
2011 – Fourth Place
2015 – Group Stage
2016 – Quarter Finals

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