Copa America 2021 Group A, B Points Table -Team Standing Match Day 2

A Biggest and well known South American football championship of Copa America 2021 is schedule to begin from the 13th June. Argentina will be host the all the 28 Matches of this competition. Total 10 teams are to be participate in this tournament and its divided in to two groups so on each group five teams will be included.

Here on this article we will provide the latest & updates Each Copa America 2021 Teams Points table and team standing. This table are updated after each and every match complete.


Group B


Pos =  Position

Club = Teams

P = Matches Played

W= Matches Won

L = Matches Loss

D = Matches Drawn

GD = Goal Difference

Points = Total Points Obtain

Points table are follow the below system.

  • Each team who won a game will be get three points while one points has been awarded for the draw game and if team loss none of the any points to be given.
  • Goal difference in all group matches;
  • Number of goals scored in all group matches
  • Points obtained in the matches played between the teams in question;
  • Goal difference in the matches played between the teams in question;
  • Number of goals scored in the matches played between the teams in question;
  • Fair play points in all group matches (only one deduction could be applied to a player in a single match):
    • Yellow card: −1 points;
    • Indirect red card (second yellow card): −3 points;
    • Direct red card: −4 points;
    • Yellow card and direct red card: −5 points;
  • Drawing of lots.

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